The 7 Most Baffling Criminal Defenses (that sort of worked)


The geniuses over at rescued their “Mad Magazine” ripoff from the dustbin of history, when they went digital and found a unique voice, focusing more on the oddities of real life than on satire. A typical headline will bear the words “badass” or “retarded,” which sums up their worldview. We admit to checking it out almost daily.

Here’s a recent post, which begins:

Let’s face it, people will say anything to get out of going to jail. For instance, stats show that less than one percent of insanity pleas actually work, since for every one guy who truly has something broken in his brain, there are at least 99 scumbags who’re just making shit up.

Here are seven of the most bizarre criminal defenses ever mounted in court… some of which are made even more bizarre by the fact that they actually got off.

It’s not the most complete list. Heck, we can think of plenty more oddball defenses. (The “Twinkie” defense is a popular favorite.) But it’s a good list, nonetheless.

Read the rest at the link.

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