Trying Out a New Comment Thing

We’ve just adopted a nifty little tool we’ve noticed on a few other blogs we follow — When you’re leaving a comment, if you provide the web address of your own blog, then it’ll provide a link to your latest blog post at the end of your comment. A harmless way to share the love, we think. (And you can disable it by unchecking the CommentLuv box before commenting.)

That is all.

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7 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    I heard a lot of good feedback about CommentLuv. I think I’ll try it out on my blog and see how it goes.

  2. Really comment luv is good plugin for blog commenting and best resource to get back links.

    • Nathan says:

      You know what? Usually I just mark these kinds of comments as spam. But judging from their website these guys seem to run a legit law firm. So why such an obviously spammy comment? Because they probably paid some SEO hacks, who are shoving idiotic barely-literate comments all over the place in the hopes of getting backlinks.

      For the record, you guys at McDowell Laybourne & Rodemer, whoever you hired is only making you look foolish. Do you really want to have stuff as asinine as this done in your name? You’re not only outsourcing your ethics, you’re outsourcing your reputation — to apparent idiots.

  3. Sara says:

    I am a big fan of commentluv, using it since it came out. This plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. In my opinion, it should be a must-have tool for bloggers these days because of its benefits :)

  4. Yeah Nathan you’re 100% right to warn that law firm of the shady SEO tactics that are being employed on their behalf. Like you say, it is their reputation that inevitably suffers in the long run and these outdated cheap SEO tricks don’t even work any more!

  5. Susan Brown says:

    Hi Nathan,

    I am simply impressed by your wits; you made this law firm look like a pack of fools. Indeed it is a spammy content and is a paid comment by some SEO person. Commentluv is a useful tool to reward genuine comments and should not be used for marketing. You did the right thing by not deleting the comment instead gave a fitting reply that made them look like mediocre firm.

  6. Nathan says:

    Ah, self awareness.

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