TCL Turns 2!

The Criminal Lawyer celebrated its second birthday this week.  It’s not the biggest milestone in the world — nor is it particularly remarkable — but even so, we’re quietly proud.

We get a kick out of writing this stuff.  Whether it’s something silly like reporting that a new TV series got greenlighted (though we’ve never gotten a chance to watch it), or something wonky like how the ICC ought to define “aggression,” or something practical like how forensic accountants spot crimes, it’s all just fun to write.  If it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t bother.

It’s pretty cool that you like reading this stuff, too.

One of the best things about doing this is that we feel compelled to read up on current cases and legal news, which we hadn’t followed quite as closely before.  Some legal news remains just as uninteresting as ever, but there’s a bunch of pretty nifty stuff going on out there that we otherwise would have missed.  We also find ourselves reading a lot more legal blogs, which has exposed us to a whole new world of lawyers with ideas.  What a concept, right?  Yet they’re out there, and we never would have discovered them if we hadn’t picked up the blogging habit.

So happy birthday to The Criminal Lawyer.  And now back to work.

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