Gee, thanks

We didn’t post as often as usual during the six-week trial we just wrapped up.  Common wisdom says that can be deadly for a blog’s readership.  So we checked our stats to see what happened (we use Google Analytics, which we’ve found to be the most reliable though not the most flattering source of data).

Amazingly, the Criminal Lawyer’s popularity shot up in our absence.  Well, not so amazingly.  This seems to happen every time we go more than a week without a new post.

We flatter ourselves that this must be like what happens to Hyperbole and a Half, where people check in more and more, the longer she goes without a new post, hoping to catch the latest when it does come down.

In which case, this post must surely be a disappointment.  In consolation, here is a link to a penguin getting tickled.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Sorry man we wear not around these days.

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